Getting to Go (or starting programming in Go)


Programming can be something of an enigma to describe to someone that doesn’t “do it”. It’s equal parts prose composition, engineering, and spellcraft. While many people talk about these parts at length, they often don’t talk about the tooling around the language. In some cases, it’s abyssmal (e.g. C/C++ and autotools) and with others it’s correct but not good (e.g. Java and Ant). I’ll explain what I mean with both of those comparisons later.

Stupid Go Mistakes: Number 1

Go binaries require ‘package main’

If you’re building an executable binary in Go, the package needs to be named 'main’, like so:

Redfin Realtor Ratings Mean Nothing

My wife and I have recently begun the home-buying process. After looking at our finances last fall, I realized that if we were to liquidate some of our investments, we could have a downpayment for a house. With this in mind, I began lining up the assorted “ducks” needed in buying a house, namely: